Zoning & Planning

Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and begin at 6:30pm.


Zoning Rules & Regulations

For complete zoning and planning information, please review the following documents:

Zoning Law Table of Contents Schedule I-a
Article I Schedule I-b
Article II Schedule II
Article III Schedule III
Article IV Schedule IV
Article V Schedule V
Article VI Schedule VI
Article VII  
Article VIII  
Article IX  
Article X  
Article XI  
Article XII  
Article XIII  
Article XIV  



To apply for a permit with the Town of Middlebury, NY, please see or contact the Zoning Officer.

Robert J. Smart

Zoning Officer

(585) 495-6825


Planning Board Members

Richard Crandall

Edwin Smart

Gerald Fitzsimmons

Douglas Wolcott

Chairman, Sean Strathearn